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Recognized by the Hong Kong government as an approved supplier, we accept government procurement P-Card payments 💳.

Carton Box & Custom-made Service

Q & A

▶How to measure box size (external or internal)?

▶ What is the difference between single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall?

Double-wall Carton Box

Affordable price for general purposes

Double-wall corrugated boxes are made of A-grade paper with a reinforced corrugated core, consisting of a total of 5 layers. They achieve a balance between strength, compression resistance, weight, and price. These boxes have a wide range of applications and are suitable for retail packaging, transportation and logistics.

Single-wall Carton Box

Lightweight & sturdy

Single-wall corrugated boxes are generally smaller in size and are suitable for shipping small or lightweight items. They are also commonly used for document storage or other storage purposes.

Custom-made Boxes

We work with local paper mills

We offer a special custom-made service where you can select the size, thickness, paper surface, and style according to your needs. We provide customized paper boxes that perfectly meet your requirements.